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Unless you’ve visited Lower Manhattan in the past few years and strolled through its eponymous mall, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Brookfield Asset Management.

Its low profile, however, hasn’t stopped the Canadian company from amassing some 400 million square feet of retail space or outperforming other global real estate investment firms on nearly every financial metric that matters. Among public property owners, it has, in the past year, the largest assets ($ 196 billion), the highest incomes ($ 47.6 billion), the third largest profits (2, $ 3 billion) and the third largest market cap ($ 38.9 billion).

These results make Brookfield not only the largest real estate investment company on the planet, but also the first place of only three Canadian companies in the 2018 Forbes World List 2000.

The Global 2000 is our annual ranking of the world’s largest and most powerful public companies and is based on four equally-weighted measures: revenue, profits, assets and market value. The 2018 list includes companies from 60 countries. Over the past 12 months, these companies together achieved $ 39.1 trillion in sales and $ 3.2 trillion in profits. They have total assets worth $ 189 trillion and a combined market value of $ 56.8 billion. (Here’s how we calculated the numbers.)

Real estate investors, of course, are judged not only on their income, but also on the extent and quality of the properties they own. From offices in South Korea to student accommodation in London, Brookfield has a lot. As Antoine Gara explained in a Forbes Cover article on CEO Bruce Flatt last year:

Brookfield quietly has entire urban skylines in places like Toronto and Sydney. He is the largest owner of offices in London and downtown Los Angeles. In Berlin, it owns Potsdamer Platz and, in London, Canary Wharf, two of the largest real estate developments in Europe. It has 14,200 hotel rooms, including Atlantis in the Bahamas and the Diplomat in Florida, and dozens of shopping centers through divisions such as Rouse Properties and General Growth, and several high-end shopping centers in Brazil. “

A total of 38 real estate investors made the Global 2000 list this year, not counting companies like Blackstone, the private equity giant which has a huge real estate portfolio but also invests in many other types of assets. These companies include diverse players like Brookfield (which in addition to a range of real estate assets invest in infrastructure and renewables), as well as more specialized owners like cell tower giant American Tower Corporation, the owner of Simon Property Group shopping center and king of Prologis warehouses.

Twenty-three of the 38 largest real estate companies in the world are from the United States, including four of the top five. Five of the remaining companies are from Australia, with France and the UK making up the bulk of the rest of the list.

1. Brookfield Asset Management | Canada

Real estate owned: diversified

Sales: $ 47.59 billion

Profit: $ 2.34 billion

Assets: $ 195.94 billion

Market value: $ 38.91 billion

2. American Tower Society | United States

Property owned: mobile phone towers

Sales: $ 6.89 billion

Profit: $ 1.21 billion

Assets: $ 34.36 billion

Market value: $ 61.33 billion

3. Simon Real Estate Group | United States

Real estate held: retail

Sales: $ 5.57 billion

Profit: $ 1.95 billion

Assets: $ 31.02 billion

Market value: $ 49.52 billion

4. Annaly Capital Management | United States

Property held: debt and equity portfolios

Sales: $ 2.66 billion

Profit: $ 2.46 billion

Assets: $ 100.38 billion

Market value: $ 12.07 billion

5. Prologis | United States

Real estate held: warehouses

Sales: $ 2.68 billion

Profit: $ 1.81 billion

Assets: $ 29.67 billion

Market value: $ 34.84 billion

6. FPI link | Hong Kong

Real estate held: retail

Sales: $ 1.23 billion

Profit: $ 3.07 billion

Assets: $ 24.56 billion

Market value: $ 18.53 billion

7. Weyerhaeuser | United States

Property owned: forests

Sales: $ 7.38 billion

Profit: $ 694 million

Assets: $ 17.89 billion

Market value: $ 27.72 billion

8. Gécina | France

Real estate held: residential and office

Sales: $ 799 million

Profit: $ 1.14 billion

Assets: $ 24.14 billion

Market value: $ 12.77 billion

9. Clépierre | France

Real estate held: retail

Sales: $ 1.58 billion

Profit: $ 1.39 billion

Assets: $ 30.20 billion

Market value: $ 12.39 billion

10. Westfield | Australia

Real estate held: retail

Sales: $ 1.41 billion

Profit: $ 1.55 billion

Assets: $ 21.25 billion

Market value: $ 14.24 billion

11. Public storage | United States

Property held: self-storage

Sales: $ 2.69 billion

Profit: $ 1.44 billion

Assets: $ 10.69 billion

Market value: $ 36.87 billion

12. AvalonBay Communities | United States

Real estate held: residential

Sales: $ 2.19 billion

Profit: $ 780 million

Assets: $ 18.65 billion

Market value $ 23.00 billion

13. General growth properties * | United States

Real estate held: retail

Sales: $ 2.35 billion

Profit: $ 614 million

Assets: $ 23.26 billion

Market value: $ 19.78 billion

* Brookfield’s commercial real estate division has agreed to acquire GGP, the transaction is expected to close later this year.

14. Ventas | United States

Real estate held: health care

Sales: $ 3.63 billion

Profit: $ 563 million

Assets: $ 23.49 billion

Market value: $ 19.07 billion

15. Boston Properties | United States

Real estate held: office

Sales: $ 2.63 billion

Profit: $ 541 million

Assets: $ 19.58 billion

Market value: $ 19.20 billion

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