How UK property companies are helping people invest during Covid-19


In the UK, investing in real estate is becoming increasingly popular, due to its thriving market with large student populations and regeneration projects in its booming cities. Investing in real estate is one of the most recognized ways to increase your financial income. It has the potential to offer UK and overseas investors the opportunity to earn profits from rental cash flow or capital appreciation generated by long-term house price increases, provided they choose the right location.

Buying to let investments seems to be one of the most lucrative assets, but what are UK property companies doing to enable investors to make these profitable deals?

It’s no secret that we are still fighting the global pandemic, but real estate developers, agents and investors are still keen to keep the market going. UK property specialists have taken note of the demand for real estate over the past nine months and have been working on using technology to speed up the process and open up the market to investors around the world.

How the technology is used

Long periods of isolation and travel restrictions around the world have caused problems for investors, forcing real estate companies to consider other ways to help people keep investing. Fortunately, we live in a world where technology is at the forefront of everything we do, and real estate is no longer an exception. Companies use virtual reality (VR) technology to arrange property tours and do 360 degree property tours.

A UK real estate company that uses this type of technology is RWinvest, who organized virtual meetings and remote tours with UK and foreign investors.

Computer generated imagery, or CGI, is also used in the real estate industry to showcase off-plan properties. Using this imagery, real estate companies can clearly display what a property can look like once it is complete and at every stage of the design and construction process. These types of technologies can be registered and sent to investors in seconds and accessed from their computers or smartphones, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Open a profitable market

During a period of uncertainty, the UK property market has managed to remain stable and has recorded some of the best house prices compared to the last ten years, with prices are expected to continue to rise across the UK in 2021 and growth rates up to 24.1% by 2024. At first, real estate prices fell due to a lack of activity. Nonetheless, as investors were able to buy properties at a lower than normal rate, this encouraged buyers to take advantage of high rental yields across the UK, particularly in the North West. This led to a spike in house prices as investors benefited from reduced rates, which opened up a profitable market for those looking to invest and capitalize during the Covid-19 outbreak.


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