American Platform Leaders expands services to real estate market in Egypt


The American company Platform Leaders, specializing in real estate marketing, launched its operations in the Egyptian market with initial investments of 150 MEGP.

The company aims to use Egypt as a starting point to expand in the Middle East and Africa. He sees Egypt as one of the region’s most promising markets, according to careful studies by the company’s overseas team led by Ahmed Elbatrawy, president and co-founder of Platform Leaders.

Elbatrawy said, “The platform’s strategy in the market is primarily based on providing accurate and documented information and specialist analysis through a professional research team with a view to facilitating investment decisions and serving market players. real estate.

He added that the company is looking to launch its second branch in one of the promising markets to carry out its global spread and expansion plans. The result of the research came that the Egyptian market is one of the most promising markets to welcome the branch office of the company and see it as a gateway to the whole of the Middle East and Africa.

He noted that the platform executives intend to launch the platform before the end of this year as part of its expansion plan.

He further explained that the platform also helps buyers browse the largest number of mixed-use properties in the easiest way to browse and access very accurate property information and comparisons between different. properties, which makes buying decisions easier after researching various alternatives.

In addition, the platform helps to facilitate the procedures of obtaining mortgage financing for clients, in addition to updated information on all urban areas and investment opportunities on an ongoing basis thanks to a professional team. and qualified at the highest level to ensure the achievement of the company’s expansion goals, Elbatrawy concluded.


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